The 3 C’s of wiring: Clean, Concise, and Centralized.  At some point all of us remember a time when we looked behind our entertainment system to see an overwhelming rat’s nest of wiring.  Everything from multi-colored Ethernet cables, speaker wire, a video cable that barely reaches its target, and a 12’ HDMI cable that only needed to be 3’ slithering its way, tangled into one hairball of copper wire.

CLEAN!  ASI takes pride in ensuring that the backside of your AV system is as good looking as the front.  By using proper cable channels we protect cabling from becoming unnecessarily damaged.

CONCISE!  Comprehensive wiring requires proper lengths, color coding, and the clear ability to maintain.  Tagging each termination and building an easy-to-read wiring diagram safeguards you from having to trace your wires for maintenance or expansion.

CENTRALIZED!  Centralized refers to building technology endpoints all in one location. Lifestyle improvements through technology are continually evolving and so are the needs to expand and reconfigure systems.  By having all technologies in one space you are able to add on to your existing technology without going through a painstaking and expensive process.

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